Bethesda, Maryland

The John P. Murtha Cancer Center is the military health care system's center of excellence for cancer research and care. Murtha Cancer Center is a core translational research center of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and has its main clinical site at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and partners with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine to carry out its mission. Murtha Cancer Center serves the cancer needs of 1.2 million active duty service members and 9.1 million health care beneficiaries around the globe. Murtha Cancer Center's main mission is to focus on the readiness needs of the active duty military from the standpoint of cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and rehabilitation back into active duty status. Our research focuses on cancers of particular interest and threat to the active duty population and its younger and diverse demographics. Murtha Cancer Center has additional clinical research sites at several other military medical hospitals, and provides all varieties of complex cancer care as well as clinical trials and research opportunities for our patients. Murtha Cancer Center provides expertise to policymakers in the military health system to inform screening and cancer treatment recommendations across our network. Murtha Cancer Center partners with other governmental, academic, and industry leaders to provide the fullest spectrum of cancer research and care to our active duty, beneficiaries, and veterans.