A New Frontier For Cancer Research

A New Kind Of Research Alliance

The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) is a unique research partnership among North America’s top cancer centers that recognize collaboration and access to data are the keys to cancer discovery. Through ORIEN, founders Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute in Columbus leverage multiple data sources and match patients to targeted treatments.

Data Sharing To Guide Discovery

ORIEN partners utilize a common protocol: Total Cancer Care®. Established by Moffitt in 2006, Total Cancer Care provides a standard system for tracking patient molecular, clinical and epidemiological data and follows the patient throughout his or her lifetime. Partners have access to one of the world’s largest clinically annotated cancer tissue repositories and data from more than 100,000 patients who have consented to the donation for research.

Advancing Precision-Based Therapies

M2Gen, an informatics and R&D solution service company created by Moffitt, guides ORIEN’s operations and strategy, providing expertise in informatics, data management, clinical trial matching and biobanking, and an infrastructure to maximize federal and industry-sponsored research.

With proven capabilities to create public-private partnerships, M2Gen identifies opportunities for ORIEN member institutions to advance the drug development and delivery process by working with industry partners on sponsored projects across the Clinical Trials Continuum, which includes preclinical, in silico trial design, patient-trial matching and cohort surveillance.

The ORIEN Difference

A Common Protocol

ORIEN member cancer centers are true partners in data exchange and collaboration through the use of a common protocol, Total Cancer Care®.

National Clinical Trial Matching Service

M2Gen analyzes data from all participating ORIEN centers to more quickly connect patients with clinical trials based on their molecular profile. ORIEN provides the information and tools needed to study the long-term effects of disease, while assisting cancer center member institutions in their development of precision medicine.

Rapid Learning

Researchers at ORIEN member institutions access the consortium’s large, shared data warehouse to ask new research questions, develop more effective, competitive, grant submissions and participate in cross-institutional collaborations and biomarker discovery projects with academic partners and pharmaceutical companies. This rapid-learning environment allows scientists to analyze and share findings so that that research can be retested and learnings reapplied.

Founding Members

Moffitt Cancer Center

Tampa, Florida
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The Ohio State University
Comprehensive Cancer Center –
Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and
Richard J. Solove Research Institute

Columbus, Ohio
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Contact Orien

If you are as excited and energized about the program as our founding partners, please contact our ORIEN headquarters located at M2Gen in Tampa, Florida at (813) 745-4261. ORIEN@M2Gen.com

10902 N. McKinley Drive
Tampa, FL 33612

F (813) 384-5049