The ORIEN Difference

A Cancer-fighting Network, Powered by Aster Insights

The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN) brings together key stakeholders in the treatment and care of cancer patients to push the fight against cancer forward. This national network, powered by Aster Insights, breaks down silos that can inhibit progress, allows researchers to share information and expertise, and facilitates cancer research collaboration among top cancer centers around the country.

ORIEN® member cancer centers are true partners in data exchange and collaboration through the use of a common protocol, Total Cancer Care®. Aster Insights provides the backbone for engagement through "opt-in" data collection, where patients consent to share their clinical and molecular data; Aster Insights also offers a common set of protocols to manage, analyze, and derive insights from those data.

This standardized approach to shared resources enables cancer centers to work together seamlessly and exchange cancer research and clinical trial data in a collaborative manner. All network members, regardless of size or location, can leverage these resources in pursuit of their own research goals.


A Common Protocol



ORIEN® member cancer centers are true partners in data exchange and collaboration through the use of a common protocol, Total Cancer Care®. Total Cancer Care® represents a true partnership with patients who donate their clinical data and tissue so that we may learn from their experiences and develop evidence-based approaches to meet their needs.

By providing their consent, patients agree with the member institution to 3 basic principles:

  1. Follow the patient throughout his or her lifetime, permitting sharing of data and information
  2. Study the patient’s specimens
  3. Maintain contact with the patient

To learn more about Total Cancer Care® (TCC) or to sign up for the study, visit:

Accelerating Clinical Trials


Aster Insights analyzes data from all participating ORIEN® centers to quickly connect patients with clinical trials based on their molecular profile and real-world data. ORIEN® has the information and tools to study the long-term effects of disease, while assisting cancer center member institutions in their development of precision medicine initiatives. Learn More about the ORIEN Clinical Trial Network here


The ORIEN® Foundation was established to fund high-impact team science projects across ORIEN® members that could change how cancer is treated and change lives. Donations to the ORIEN® Foundation help foster and enable translational research. We firmly believe that collaboration is the key to answering cancer’s toughest questions and we are thrilled to support the innovative partnerships between ORIEN® members, in order to accelerate research efforts and discovery.

If you are interested in supporting collaborative cancer research that enables rapid learning to bring new, improved treatments to patients around the country, make your donation to the ORIEN® Foundation today. A donation can be made to the ORIEN® Foundation through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay website by clicking the link

Alternatively, a check can be mailed, made payable to the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, with instructions to add the contribution to the ORIEN® Foundation. The mailing address is 4300 W. Cypress St., Ste. 700, Tampa FL 33607-4167.

Press Release: M2GEN (now Aster Insights) donates $3M for Inaugural ORIEN NOVA Grants to Support Cancer Research Projects


Benefits for Member Institutions

Our data-intensive approach to rapid learning benefits all professionals involved in this groundbreaking initiative by:

Progressing the efforts of ORIEN cancer centers

Cancers are highly complex diseases that require precise treatment. An easily accessible platform for data sharing helps doctors make evidence-based decisions by considering outcomes from similar patients whose cancer cells have displayed comparable changes. Access to this incredibly large and diverse database also allows our institutions to contribute key patient data and build collaborative learning tools made possible through establishment of the Total Cancer Care® protocol in 2006.

Equipping Researchers with valuable information

Each cancer’s molecular makeup can be more significant than tumor location, and there is a great need to interpret and expedite these genomic and molecular discoveries into clinical benefits for patients. ORIEN member institutions have large amounts of patient data at their disposal for researchers to ask new questions, develop more competitive grant submissions, and contribute in cross-institutional collaborations and biomarker discovery projects with pharmaceutical companies and academic partners.

Improving the standard of care for clinicians

Through data provided by the Total Cancer Care® protocol, ORIEN-affiliated medical professionals receive insight regarding how genetics, age, nutrition, lifestyle, and countless other factors impact the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, enabling improved overall patient care. Joining this protocol also means clinicians can correctly follow study guidelines, including patient safety and protection of health information. Members can also administer pioneering clinical trials related to Total Cancer Care as they are developed.

Providing opportunities for pharmaceutical breakthroughs

By partnering with Aster Insights and ORIEN, pharmaceutical members gain access to considerable amounts of de-identified genetic and demographic information that can be used to develop new drugs for addressing a particular cancer. By comprehending the reasons why some treatments prove effective in some patients but not in others, pharmaceutical companies can better develop specialized drugs designed to accommodate specific conditions for improved results. ORIEN’s improved approach to clinical trial matching also presents a substantial opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to streamline patient recruitment and improve trial design.

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