Accelerating Cancer Research and Delivering Hope Through Collaborative Learning and Partnerships

The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) is an alliance of cancer centers, powered by Aster Insights, working in close collaboration to accomplish more in the fight against cancer.


Advancing Cancer Research, Together


ORIEN unites a diverse network of cancer centers in pursuit of a common goal—accomplishing more in the fight against cancer.

Powered by Aster Insights data and informatics platforms, the Network gives cancer centers, biopharmaceutical companies, researchers, and scientists the ability to work from shared, standardized information, to collaborate seamlessly, and to contribute to each other’s scientific goals.

Discover what sets ORIEN apart in the fight against cancer

A Powerful Alliance of Cancer Centers

ORIEN members span the United States, from Florida to California and from New Mexico to New York. The key questions in cancer research cannot be answered alone, and the diversity of our members in geography, size, areas of focus, and expertise provides fertile ground for scientific collaboration.
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Answering the Most Challenging Questions in Cancer


Cancer is a complex disease and making progress towards cures requires a sophisticated and cooperative approach. With the collective knowledge base of ORIEN and its Aster Insights-powered data and informatics backbone bring that potential to its member centers, but we also believe in collaborating as far and wide as possible. The ORIEN Clinical Trials Network (OCTN) drives target-based trials by partnering with top pharmaceutical companies, leading to better treatment options for patients. ORIEN Intermember Projects harness the value of strength in numbers to tackle the toughest challenges in oncology. Our focus on team science to enhance translational research and clinical trials is rooted in leveraging the power of numbers and joining forces in the fight against cancer. We invite nonmember academic and industry researchers to collaborate on ORIEN projects of interest.

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